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Team: Team Members


Level 3 Skilled Tradseman

Zack has been in the trades since he was 13 years old. His family has flipped homes for over a decade and he and his father have worked side by side on both small and large projects for homeowners. He brings a young, energetic, and open mind to the team. Not only does he continue to master his craft, but he gives great input and recommendations on a daily basis. His hobbies are family, working out, and basketball.  He looks forward to being a project manager here at F1 as we grow the team and is skillset.  You can call him the team's little brother, or just Zack.


Field Operations

Dale comes from a unique background for this industry. He has his bachelor's degree from Heidelberg University where he studied business / finance, and also played Football for 4 years. Before starting F1 Contracting, he worked a decade in Coporate America and has been doing remodeling side-jobs for even longer. His past positions in management and sales allowed him to translate those skills into a "Lead by Example and Teach from Experience" mentality. He is married with 2 cats, a dog, and both his wife and he take care of his father who suffered a stroke when he was in high-school.


Project Manager

Chris has more knowledge with General Contracting than many people twice his age. He graduated from CVCC at the top of his class in the Program of Construction Trades. He then went on to running his own company working directly with Banks during the housing crisis. He did everything from flipping homes to working with cities on homes with violations. Chris and Dale have been partners almost since the inception of F1. He is married, has 3 beautiful children, and they both have a love for huskies. His hobbies are being an involved father, hunting, camping during the summer months, and off-roading.

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