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Construction Site Wood Cutting


Be part of the fastest growing remodeling company in the greater Cleveland area.

"Family 1st, Contracting 2nd" defines who we are. We want solid individuals who understand the strength of a family and the importance of high quality construction. 

All levels of employment are eligible for bonus based on multiple factors. Finishing jobs early, Commitment to the company, Leadership without the title, and landing projects can lead to potential bonuses. 

Swag: All Employees get gear throughout the year based on the success of the company. 

Level 1 Apprentice: No remodeling experience needed but an open mind to learning and motivation to grow. 

Level 2 Apprentice: Basic knowledge of remodeling, willing to invest in their future with purchasing basic power tools. 

Level 3 Skilled Tradesman: Has high knowledge of flow-of-projects. Can be left alone depending on size and scope. Owns hand/power tools to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Team Lead: Level 3 with leadership experience. Must lead by example & teach from experience. Always set the tempo throughout the day and understand attitudes are contagious. Meet deadlines and make sure everyone is on-time. 

Project Manager: A Team Lead with the capability of balancing multiple projects. You will travel to different projects, put material lists together, gather material and get it to your teams. Stay within budget and meet deadlines. This is a salaried position only. 

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