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5 Things to consider when you are planning a kitchen remodel.

When discussing a kitchen remodel, majority of homeowners and contractors tend to focus on kitchen cabinets, kitchen layout, countertops, backsplash, hardware, flooring, paint, and so many more visual things. Those details are so important, but other things aren't as clear when doing a kitchen remodel. We've put together a TOP 5 list of "Things to Consider" that really have nothing to do with the design.

  1. Dust: As a homeowner, are you willing to pay the extra cost for the set-up and tear down of dust-reduction walls for your kitchen remodel? These are temporary walls, and sometimes air-scrubbers that take almost a full day of labor + material to set-up and take down. The additional cost can be anywhere from a $1,000 and up depending on the size of the areas needed to be concealed.

  2. Meals: A full kitchen remodel can be out of commission for a minimum of a month and up to 3 months or longer depending on the size and scope. If you are single or a couple, planning meals and eating out are a little easier than providing for an entire family. Having a smaller kitchen area, air fryer, crockpot, microwave, and budgeting for take-out are just some ways to prepare for a long in-depth kitchen remodel.

  3. Pets: We live in a world where many of us consider our pets family. Dogs, Cats, Fish, Ferrets, and any other pet can be affected during the kitchen remodel process. Dust, noise, and the possibility of an animal getting outside can cause heartbreak to the family and animal. We suggest planning ahead, and also discussing these details with your contractor prior to the kitchen remodel process.

  4. Washing Dishes: You can only use paper plates and cups so long during a kitchen remodel. Using a bathroom sink is sufficient for some, but using a utility sink is a lot easier for those larger items.

  5. Storage/Traffic Pattern: Have a place to store all of your kitchen dishes, silverware, containers, pot, pans, etc. When choosing a place to store these things, a kitchen remodel can also disrupt the flow of your household. Be cautious and understanding that your home is now a construction zone. Traffic patterns in your home may change.

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