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Demo is not as easy and cheap as H.G.T.V. shows you.

Plumbing: Water supplies to the toilet, sink, and bath area all need shut-off. Seems easy right? Well, what happens if that old turn-valve doesn't close all the way? Unless you have the skills, tools, and the know-how to change one out, you may be "Stuck in the Water" right where you started.

Tile Removal: Tile Removal isn't always just popping tiles off the walls. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you get lucky with poor installation. Other times you are in a fight for your life, and that tile isn't giving up easy. You are bringing in SDS Hammer Chisels, pry-bars, mini-sledgehammers, and sometimes a wheel grinder with a tile cutting wheel.

Framing: Jenny and Jimmy have their safety goggles, gloves in hand, and a sledgehammer ready to blow that wall open. LET'S GOOOO, DEMO DAY IS HERE!!! But what they didn't show you is the guy with years of experience making sure that wall isn't load bearing (Holding your entire house up). Or him pointing out the electrical in the wall that will cost to be relocated or terminated. NOW HIT THAT WALL!!! Bing, Bang, Boom the drywall starts crumbling. STOP! STOP! STOP! Here is an unforeseen plumbing issue where we have a vent-stack and some supply lines running through the wall. Here comes a change order to re-route all of that if you are willing to pay for it, or that dream of "Open- Concept" just got crushed by the 1960s plumber who though it was brilliant to put that pipe right there. You can blame anyone, but reality is, it's something that was unforeseen.

Disposal: Before we even throw the tile, lumber, and drywall away, someone has to carry it through the hallway, down the stairs, through the kitchen, into the garage, and outside to the dumpster. Is that an exaggeration??? For some houses absolutely, but for others, this is under-playing the location of a bathroom remodel on a 3,000 Sq Ft, two-story home. Once we get it into our dumpster, we then have to tow it to a proper disposal site.

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